Walmart Slammed For Launching ‘Pride Always’ Collection

During this year’s Pride month, Walmart has unveiled a new line of gay apparel alternatives, which flies in the face of activists who don’t want to see traditional mainstream stores act as influencers and activists.

The Instagram post from Walmart featured a video commercial in which a diverse group of LGBT individuals posed for a picture session. A guy began the 30-second commercial by saying queer people have magic that can be shared. The commercial included merchandise, such as a tote bag that said “totes gay,” and featured the LGBTQ+ community smiling, happy, and unified around a corporate brand.

Walmart isn’t the only one that has a wide selection of pride apparel products from LGBTQ+-founded businesses.

Bianca Designs—a garment and accessory brand developed by Queer, Gender-fluid Latina designer Bianca Negrón—and Ink Meets Paper—a stationery company formed by husband-and-wife Allison and Jamie Nadeau—are among these businesses.

Companies like these are niche and tolerated. It’s when behemoth businesses that have giant footprints get involved with political statements that people prick up their ears. 

If activists want to make a statement and support LBGT, they can find all the gear they need at Walmart. 

Some social media users are expressing their dissatisfaction, annoyance, and even disdain with Walmart for releasing their “Pride Always” collection before June, often known as “Pride Month.”

Conservatives may soon turn their sights on Walmart, as they did other businesses that aligned with gay themes.

Target was targeted because its gay and gender-fluid apparel line was geared toward children, a step that many consumers felt went too far.

After competitor Target said it would limit sales of LGBT merchandise this year to online only, Walmart unveiled its selection. The store stated that the collection has been curated based on guest insights and “consumer research.”

Bud Light’s ill-fated social media image starring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney was a disaster. The legendary Anheuser-Busch beer brand has yet to recover from the impact of its LGBT campaign completely.