Voters Blame Biden For Border Disaster

The majority of swing state voters blame Joe Biden for the American migration crisis, according to a recent poll. The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey, conducted in February, found that more than 60% of respondents in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania believe Biden and the Democratic Party are “very responsible” or “somewhat responsible” for the open southern border.

The same poll placed the economy as the number one priority, but a subsequent survey by Gallup saw immigration jump to the top spot, leaving economics in second place.

Federal data shows that the immigration crisis is worsening with every passing month, and there were 176,000 encounters in January 2024. So far this fiscal year, which began in October, the figure is 753,000. In 2022, there were 2.2 million encounters and 2 million the previous year.

Polling shows that voters trust Donald Trump more than Biden on immigration and the economy, which could deliver a significant blow to the Democrats in November, political analysts say.

At the end of January, Trump support was up in all battleground states, and on the most crucial issues. For example, in Wisconsin, Trump leads Biden by 49% to 44%, and in Nevada by 48% to 40%. In a combined poll of all seven swing states, Trump leads by 48% to 42%.

The President and former President both visited the southern US border on the same day in late February, and both candidates promised to take action. President Biden said the border states need more federal resources, and he would fight for these “come hell or high water.” During a press conference, the President called on Donald Trump to support Congressional attempts to increase funding – something Trump has refused to do.

Donald Trump’s spokesperson said Biden is trying to shift the blame onto the Republican party just months before the Presidential election, having done nothing for the past three years. Mr. Trump referred to the border crisis as the “Joe Biden invasion.”