VOTE BLM? Black Lives Matter Registers As British Political Party

( Black Lives Matter, the far-left and neo-Marxist organization whose supporters have engaged in various violent riots across the world during the summer, has officially applied to become a political party in the United Kingdom.

On Monday, the British Electoral Commission’s records showed an application was filed by Black Lives Matter to become a registered political party that would allow them to run in local and national elections. The application is currently pending and has not yet been confirmed, but all it will take for the process to move forward is for logos to be submitted along with a £150 filing fee.

Once the application is complete, the Electoral Commission will consider the application based on whether the party’s name is acceptable. The Electoral Commission often denies political parties their requested names if they could be confused with other political parties or campaign groups. However, the success of the Brexit Party – which was named after the general Brexit movement – shows that it’s entirely possible for parties like this to be registered by the commission.

Interestingly, however, the Black Lives Matter organization has denied reports that they registered the political party with the electoral commission.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the UK branch of Black Lives Matter said that they are not responsible for the filing.

“BLM UK has no intention to set up a political party,” the spokesman said. “This person or group is not affiliated with us.”

The political party application, however, makes it very clear that they intend to represent Black Lives Matter. Various party descriptions, which may appear on ballot papers, were registered along with the name “Black Lives Matter.” These include “Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter,” and “Black Lives Matter for the GLA.”

The GLA refers to the Greater London Assembly, the governing council of England’s capital city London. According to the application, those responsible are also planning on launching “The Black Lives Matter Party” in Wales and Scotland, too.

“’We are operating as non-political, non-partisan, non-violence Black Lives Matter platform. Some content published on this website may have political elements by the nature of a society and state governed under a system of democracy; however we operate in a humanitarian capacity and concern before all else,” the BLM spokesman also told the Daily Mail.

So who is responsible? So far, nobody knows – but it shouldn’t be long until we do know.