Vladimir Putin’s Health Details Revealed 

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to a report, a former commander of the Russian secret service believes Vladimir Putin is very afraid, adding fuel to the fire of those who say that Putin’s position at the helm of the Kremlin is becoming increasingly precarious. 

Even before he gave the order to invade Ukraine in 2022, the Russian president was the subject of persistent rumors that his health was deteriorating and his mental condition was unstable. Since then, the gossip has grown. 

In recent years, he has become increasingly bloated, and footage from official meetings and appearances has shown him grabbing furniture to stabilize himself, uncontrollably moving his feet, and looking jittery when walking.   

Some people have even speculated that Vladimir Putin has had cosmetic surgery. The top military officials in Ukraine said in October of the previous year that he employs stand-ins.  

But stand-ins or doubles are common for world leaders. 

In addition to the alleged failures of his troops in Ukraine, there have been rumors of plans to remove Putin from power and replace him. 

According to General Yevgeny Savostyanov, who served as the previous head of the Moscow division of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Putin has severely misunderstood the will of the West to stand up to him, and he is also unaware of the inadequacy of his army.    

According to a UK media outlet, unverifiable reports claimed that Vladimir Putin has various diseases, including cancer. There have also been reports that the Russian leader has survived an attempt at a coup. Some tabloids believe that he has already passed away and has been supplanted by a double.  

Photos of Vladimir Putin meeting with crucial advisers are scrutinized in the finest of details. For example, at a meeting with Sergei Shoigu, the minister of defense, last year, Putin was seen clutching the table in apparent pain.  Former officials wondered if the swelling of his face was a hint that he used steroids.

Nevertheless, this may be nothing more than wishful thinking by Putin’s numerous detractors. Some have maintained that he does not have a mental illness but is just wicked.