Vladimir Putin Warns Of “Unpreventable Strike” After Taking On United Kingdom

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Russian President Vladimir Putin is ramping up his anti-Western rhetoric, stating earlier this week that his military has the power to launch what he described as an “unpreventable strike” against its enemies. The warning shots come as the Russian military goes head-to-head with the British military in the Black Sea.

During a Navy Day parade held in St. Petersburg, the Russian leader said that his military is able to detect any and all underwater, above-water, or airborne enemy vessels. And, if required, he said they will be able to carry out a strike that foreign military forces cannot stop.

Putin is talking tough, but at least the United Kingdom has a conservative Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the United States has a semi-conscious left-wing professional politician running the show…

The Daily Mail reports that tensions increase after military officials in Russia announced tests of advanced new weapons, which have been described as “invincible.” Thankfully, the United States, along with France, has announced plans to develop new hypersonic weapons that will catch up with the technological advances of the Russian military.

However, with President Biden’s track record of fighting Russia’s efforts to attack the West with cyberattacks, it doesn’t bode well for the future of America’s military prowess. Russia already has a substantial military capacity as well as the second-largest arsenal of nuclear missiles in the world.

The parade attended by President Putin marked the 325th anniversary of the Russian navy.