Vladimir Putin Falls Down Stairs After Defecating On Himself

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has been “pootin.”

An anti-Kremlin media source claims he allegedly pooped himself after falling down the stairs and landing on his Donbas.

After General SVR’s Telegram channel said that Putin had fallen five steps on a staircase and landed on his coccyx, the hashtag #PutinPoopedHimself started trending on Twitter.

As a result of this fall, Putin “defecated involuntarily” as opposed to “defecating on the stairs,” claims SVR. The picture of Putin riding shirtless on a horse that went viral in 2009 may look different than the picture of someone falling down stairs and passing feces. Putin, however, hasn’t been making claims about recent falls or his coccyx. The question becomes whether the Telegram narrative is true or just a bunch of you-know-what.

It goes without saying that depending on Twitter to verify the information and assess its accuracy is akin to relying on a trash bag to act as a parachute. Twitter was purchased by billionaire Elon Musk, who reportedly fired a sizable portion of the company’s fact-checking team, a team who regularly censored the truth because it went against their politics. (See Hunter Biden’s laptop.)

As a result, you shouldn’t assume something to be true or untrue just because a Twitter hashtag has been widespread.

Therefore, to assess the accuracy of this most recent report regarding Putin’s health, it is necessary to look into the source and decide how credible it may be from a medical perspective and how much actual, concrete proof it provides.

What is the General SVR, then? How trustworthy is the source? Does the General’s approval automatically obligate you to concur? The General SVR Telegram channel has undoubtedly made claims concerning Putin’s health before. For instance, the economist and author Anders Åslund had tweeted once before that the General SVR had reported that Putin had undergone surgery for a cancer diagnosis in May 2022.

That doesn’t appear to be true. But you never know with the Kremlin. They are leftists, and leftists have been known to lie. (See Twitter’s fired fact-checking team.)