Viral Video Shows Two Moose Collide In Battle

Two bull moose engaged in a vicious fight, as seen in a recent video. The video was first uploaded on YouTube by an account called “scorpion3375” on October 19. Nature Is Metal republished it earlier this week.

The precise time and place of the fight were not revealed.

At the beginning of the clip, two large moose are seen squaring up on a narrow dirt road. Before long, one moose has the better of the two and pounces on its side, sending the other stumbling backward down the slope. The moose loses its balance and staggers onto the shoulder of a two-lane highway.

For a little while, the dominating moose holds the other moose down. The second bull comes to a halt and then gets to its feet. The fight resumes as they struggle to maintain their balance on the road. One moose manages to knock down the other on the highway, and the two are now within steps of construction machinery. The fight looked to be a draw.

Fall is a typical time for rut conflicts. The National Park Service states that bull moose have all the necessary fighting gear. They have enormous shoulders, and while in a rut, the muscles in their necks enlarge to double their usual size. For protection against punctures, thick skin covers the forehead.

Bulls hone their fighting skills via sparring. According to the agency, it seems like a battle at first because many bulls use their antlers to push each other around. Combat is far more aggressive and harmful. Minor antler breaking or accidental wounds are the worst that may happen when sparring. Bloodshed and fatalities are expected outcomes of conflicts.

According to Britannica, the towering stature, black coat, long legs, hanging hairy dewlap, and enormous, broad, flat antlers of mature males give moose their remarkable look.

Moose may reach a shoulder height of 7 feet and a weight of 1,300 pounds in eastern Siberia and Alaska, where the biggest examples of the animal can be found. Smaller moose are located in the southernmost populations of Wyoming and Manchuria, weighing 660-770 pounds.