Viral Trump Phallic Christmas Card a Fake

( )- This past week, an image of a purported Christmas card from former President Trump started cropping up on Twitter and Facebook. And even though it was obviously fake, Reuters of all places felt the need to “fact-check” it.

The image, which wishes people a Merry Christmas from the “winter White House” from President Donald J. Trump, includes a crudely Photoshopped image of the former president in a tuxedo. The white of his shirt was altered to make Trump appear shaped like a penis and testicles. Above his head were Santa and his sleigh in white – designed to look like ejaculate coming from Trump’s “d*ck” head.

But because some of the anti-Trump Resistance aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, some commenters on the Facebook post actually thought the image was an authentic Christmas card from Trump.

These people are the reason the satire site The Babylon Bee gets fact-checked.

So Reuters, which really should find more important things to do with its time, felt it necessary to “fact-check” the image.

Reuters concluded that the so-called Christmas card was not sent from former President Trump’s official website, nor was it tweeted by his spokeswoman Liz Harrington. Reuters reached out to Harrington who assured them that the image is fake and didn’t come from Trump.

Reuters determined that the photo of Trump used in the fake Christmas card originated from a group picture of President and First Lady Trump standing with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles when they visited England in 2019. That image was then “poorly edited” to make Trump’s shirt into the shape of a penis and testicles.

Reuters concludes that the Christmas card image was “Altered.”

Ya think?

You don’t need to be a paid fact-checker to know this stupid card was “altered.” You only need two functioning eyes and a functioning brain. Which explains why the anti-Trump Lefties fell for it.