VIPs Are Attending Hunter’s Art Shows

( )- Left-leaning media outlets were gushing over all the celebrities who rubbed shoulders with Hunter Biden during the exhibition of his paintings in Los Angeles this week.

The Leftwing “Mother Jones” published oodles of pictures of all those powerful Hollywood elites in attendance at Hunter’s show held at Hollywood’s Milk Studios. Yup, it was a veritable Who’s Who of Biden Administration suck-ups and hangers-on.

Even Mayor Eric Garcetti, was there!

Well, whoop-die-doo.

Of course the rich, powerful and famous are attending Hunter’s art shows. They know the deal. Get in with Hunter, and you’re in with the Big Guy.

Hunter’s “art” is selling for as much as $500,000 – which begs the question, how can a no-talent drug addict who just took up “painting” this past year rake in that kind of dough?

Well, we all know how, don’t we?

The White House tried to fix the ethical problems inherent in Hunter’s latest money-making scam by making an agreement with his art dealer that all buyers would remain anonymous to both the White House and Hunter himself. Of course, such a deal is impossible to maintain because there is nothing stopping a buyer from telling Hunter at one of his shows “Hey, I just bought that painting for five hundred thousand bucks. Here’s my card. Call me!”

Last month, Republican Congressman James Comer of Kentucky, wrote to Hunter’s New York art dealer George Burges demanding he provide to the House Oversight Committee a copy of his agreement with the White House as well as the identities of everyone who purchases Biden’s art.

Given Hunter’s past, Comer told Burges that an investigation into the art sales is needed to prevent any ethical or national security concerns.

This week, Tucker Carlson talked about Hunter’s Hollywood art show with New York Post writer Miranda Devine. Tucker pointed out that LA Mayor Eric Garcetti not only appeared at the show, he also appears on Hunter’s laptop among the list of “key contacts” in relation to deals in China.

Watch it HERE.

To believe that Hunter’s burgeoning career as an “artist” isn’t just another influence peddling operation beggars belief. As Devine points out, art is notoriously used for money laundering.

And this is nothing but a grift. But not just Hunter’s grift, it is Joe Biden’s grift as well.