Video Of Teen Violence Censored To Protect Narrative

The western world remains in serious chaos. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in eastern Europe, bringing the reality of war back to the European continent for the first time since 1945 and the end of the second world war. In the pacific, China remains aggressive and threatening, and recently launched a massive aerial demonstration over the island of Taiwan which they claim as their own territory. North Korea has continued to hold bombastic military parades in the capital city of Pyongyang, and a recent demonstration showed civilian vehicles repurposed as military weapons.

In the middle east, in early October the Muslim terrorist group of Hamas infiltrated the nation of Israel, and over 1,400 innocent civilians were murdered. Israel quickly retaliated and launched military operations into nearby Gaza. Terrorist organizations within the middle east are also becoming vocal. Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah have been active, recently calling on supporters to take action against the United States and Israel. While officials claim that there is no specific target that has been outlined or openly related by these groups, a several page publications from the New York Counterterrorism Bureau aims to reinforce the necessity of being aware of the threat these groups pose. Al-Qaeda called upon supporters in the Indian subcontinent to assault American, British, and French citizens in the region due to the conflict.

In midst of these risks, far-leftist academics, politicians, and students have openly protested in support of the terrorists and condemned Israel. Ironically, the very people that claim to be tolerant and act in support of the LGBT community are siding with those who seek to harm those people. In another recent development, students attacked law enforcement officers in a high school in New York City. This was in the same building in which a “pro-Israel” teacher had to hide from a mob of students in a volatile anti-Semitic protest. The incident occurred at Hillcrest High School in Queens.