VIDEO: Left-Wing Woman Spits In NYPD Cop’s Face, Shouts “F*CK YOU FASCIST”

( A left-wing protester in New York City was caught on camera spitting in the face of a New York City police officer before screaming “F*ck you, fascist!”

The shocking video shows the officer quickly arrested the woman immediately after the assault.

New York Times reporter Elizabeth Meryl Rosner published the video, explaining that the incident took place in the West Village of New York City. It occurred during fresh left-wing riots as the results of the presidential election remained uncertain.

NYPD News, the official Twitter account of the New York City Police Department, retweeted the video and said that they would not tolerate the actions and agitators who commit acts like it will be arrested.

In the disturbing video, the left-wing activist shouts, “Are you ready to f*cking die for this?” before telling the officer, “F*ck you fascist!”

She then backed up, before once again getting in the officer’s face and shouting again. The officer then pulls up his mask, before the woman once again lunges towards the officer and spits right into his face.

The woman was identified as 24-year-old Devina Singh, according to the New York Post. She was arrested by the same officer as nearby officers began moving bicycles out of the way to protect the officer from other left-wing activists as he performed the arrest.

The incident will likely come as no surprise to anybody who has seen the vicious attacks against officers in Portland, Oregon, which occurred on a nightly basis for over 100 days earlier this year.

In similar riots, in response to the election, Portland-based Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists are seeing threatening to spit on police officers.

“I’ll f*cking spit on you right now, b*tch!” an activist shouted at an officer.