Victoria’s Secret CEO Resigns After Going Woke

( )- Amy Hauk, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, has abruptly quit after working for the company for over a year.

According to Victoria’s Secret’s website, shares fell by eight percent in the hours following the announcement of Hauk’s official resignation, which will be finalized in March 2023. Hauk will also step down as CEO of the company’s teen-oriented brand, Pink, of which she has been the CEO since 2018, in addition to her role as CEO of the parent company.

Since it was discovered that the company’s founder, Leslie Wexner, had connections to Jeffrey Epstein, the business has taken a hit to its reputation in the public eye.

In recent years, Victoria’s Secret has had difficulty turning a profit since many consumers have rejected the company’s woke marketing.

Many of the company’s recent brand decisions were far from the traditional image of Victoria’s Secret previously held with customers. Perhaps the most notable of these decisions was the company’s decision to end its Victoria’s Secret “Angels” brand in favor of an advertising strategy that was more “inclusive,” with less than traditionally beautiful models featured in their ads.

As the company extended its clothing sizes, in February of 2022, it hired a TikTok influencer to be the first plus-size model. Hauk said the action was boundary-pushing and considered it an empowering gesture.

In April 2022, Hauk decided to encourage positive mental health and give young adults a sense of agency. She hired the first male model in the history of Victoria’s Secret.

During that time, Hauk stated that the male model acted as a “good role model for youths and young people,” even though sales had dropped by 28% before the decision to make the change.

In the same month, April 2022, Hauk promoted a sustainability project within the company that was specifically tailored to appeal to Gen Z clients.

Victoria’s “secret” has not led to success.

Go woke, go broke.