Victims Of Biden Drone Strikes Demand Apology

( )- The family of Afghan victims of an American airstrike is calling on the United States to issue a formal apology for killing 10 innocent people. Last Thursday, the grieving family spoke out against President Joe Biden’s order for an airstrike, criticizing the decision and describing how it caused an unnecessary loss of life and property.

The victims were described as members of an “ordinary family” by a brother of one of the people who died. They said that they are not Daesh or ISIS, and the building they bombed was a family home where his brothers lived with their families.

They are demanding not just an apology but also calling on the Biden administration to show proof that their claims they were targeting a suicide bomber are true. It looks pretty bad for the Biden administration, as if they really were targeting a suicide bomber, then the fact that several members of the family who owned the home were Special Immigrant Visa applicants. It would mean that people who are likely to end up living in the United States on their Special Immigrant Visa could potentially have been linked to terrorism.

The other possibility is that Biden’s information was wrong and he recklessly called for an airstrike when it simply wasn’t necessary – which would make sense, if you think about it. Biden was the vice president during Barack Obama’s administration, and he dropped more bombs from drones than any other American president ever. Biden appears to be continuing that trend.

Emal Ahmadi, one of the family members, said that they want the U.S. to “prove the bad name that they put on us” and that if it is true, they should “accept that and apologize” because they suffered great loss.

The Pentagon has admitted to the strike likely having killed the family.