Victim’s Families To Own Shooter’s Manuscript

According to a report, the lawyer who represents the parents of transgender shooter Audrey Hale at The Covenant School told a court that they seek to transfer ownership of the manifesto to the relatives of the victims.

The announcement was made during a court hearing for a suit demanding the publication of the manuscripts. Reports state that the killer’s parents’ counsel has said that the families will officially possess the papers by the conclusion of the week. The publication claims that after the request is approved, it is doubtful that the manifesto will be made public.

A group of parents and The Covenant School are among the people who do not want the manifesto made public, citing security concerns for the kids and staff. 

A local news channel says five organizations, including the National Police Association, state senator Todd Gardenhire, newspapers The Tennessee Star and The Tennessean, and the Tennessee Firearms Association, have asked for the release of the information.

The organizations claim that the manifesto is already a public record since it is in the possession of the Metro Nashville Police Department. These files were found in the suspect’s vehicle and home after the shooting.

According to The Tennessean, the killer’s parents now possess the manuscripts she left behind following her death. The Nashville Police Department will hold the original documents until they are released to the parents of the victims.

The Nashville resident, 28-year-old  Audrey Hale, opened fire at The Covenant School, slaying three 9-year-old pupils, a substitute teacher, the principal, and a janitor.  Officers arrived on the scene shortly and dispatched the shooter. Hale died shortly after. 

At the time of the murders, Hale was under a doctor’s supervision for treatment of emotional problems.

According to reports, the attacker was not known to the police before the incident, and police said she did not specifically target any individuals.

All three of the murder weapons were legitimately purchased by Hale from one of five separate retailers.

John Drake, the police chief, has said that investigators are now analyzing the attacker’s manifesto and other writings. They referred to Hale as a “lone zealot.”