Venezuelan Migrants Arrested After Crime Spree

Theft of hundreds of dollars worth of items from a suburban Macy’s department store led to the arrest of Johan Gavidia-Rojas and Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo in early December in Chicago.

They walked inside the Oak Brook, Illinois, mall together, each with empty bags. One gathered garments and put them in a bag while the other stood watch. Oak Brook police reportedly caught up with the pair as they were leaving the business without paying.

A report shows that while Herrera-Gotopo was apprehended without a hitch, Gavidia-Rojas sparked a short foot pursuit that ended in his capture. The police arrested the males for over $600 worth of stolen merchandise.

A felony count of retail theft was brought against both men.

Authorities have cautioned residents and merchants to be extra careful during the hectic Christmas shopping season in light of the persistent retail theft at the Oak Brook Macy’s.

A Macy’s in Oak Brook and a Kohl’s in neighboring Elmhurst were both targeted by shoplifting in the last several weeks, leading to the arrest of no fewer than nine Venezuelan migrants.

Authorities issued a warning about a surge in illegal migrant criminal activity in early November after charging two Venezuelan migrants living in Chicago with stealing roughly $3,000 worth of products from a suburban Macy’s.

According to the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office, a bag and a backpack containing products were seen being carried out by Frank Montez-Davila (23) and Luis Mendez-Gomez (28) from Macy’s in Oak Brook, Illinois.

According to the authorities, officers found 16 expensive perfumes and trousers valued at over $2,800.00 during a traffic search.

According to the state’s attorney’s office, a second instance occurred in late November when three migrants from Venezuela stole over $500 worth of products from an Elmhurst Kohl’s store.

Braud Pineda Avendano (33), Christian Johan Saavedra-Omona (21), and Ilys Mary Ledesma Zapata (37) were all apprehended by the Elmhurst police. An enormous magnet, which Ledesma Zapata allegedly had on hand, may have evaded the store’s anti-theft systems.

Since August of 2022, at least 20,000 illegal migrants have flocked to Chicago. The city is still having difficulty figuring out how to shelter them for the winter, and many are worried about the expense and the dangers to their safety.