USA Today Forced To Delete “Is Math Racist?” Headline After Backlash

( )- USA Today was forced to change the headline of a disgraceful, ludicrous, and laughable article that pondered whether mathematics is “racist” after experiencing a pretty substantial online backlash.

The article, titled “Is Math Racist?” was criticized by a math professor and hordes of social media users who noted that mathematics has zero bias whatsoever.

“Is math racist? As many students of color struggle with the subject, schools are altering instruction – sometimes amid intense debate,” the original headline of the website read.

The answer is “no,” but the way – and why are they saying that “students of color” are struggling to understand mathematics any more than white students?

The article has now also been buried behind a paywall on the site, meaning only those who pay to access USA Today’s full range of articles will see it, argued that mathematics needs to become “more inclusive” and that mathematics education needs to be “revolutionized.”

Twitter users quickly noticed the insane headline and mocked the website relentlessly, with the story eventually reaching global economics professor Daniel Lacalle who asked, “Is this a joke?”

The news comes as a petition campaign from STEM professionals reached 600 signatures to stop the California Department of Education’s plans to change the way math is taught and to do so through a “social justice” lens.

But will that stop them? Probably not…