US sets daily COVID-19 infection record

( )- On Tuesday, the US reported a record 441,278 new COVID cases, making December 28 the highest single-day case rate since the start of the pandemic.

The highest recorded daily-case rate during the height of the pandemic last year was only 294,015.

Part of the increase in case numbers can be attributed to the recent mass push for testing. Couple that with the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant, it is unsurprising that the case numbers are so high.

Now that Omicron is hitting hard among vaccinated individuals, many public health “experts” are suggesting that the focus be shifted away from total case numbers to total hospitalizations instead.

Of course, this is something people who didn’t panic over COVID have been saying for over a year. But now that Biden is in the White House instead of Trump, the people who used COVID case numbers as a way to make President Trump look bad are concerned that focusing on total case numbers will only hurt Biden’s already plummeting approval numbers.

This may also explain why, Thursday on MSNBC, Dr. Anthony Fauci made the same distinction many critics have been making since the beginning of this pandemic, namely differentiating between hospitalized “because of” COVID and hospitalized “with” COVID:

Well, duh.

How many people have been making that same argument since the start of the pandemic?

But now Joe Biden is in charge of US COVID response and Anthony Fauci is doing his part to protect Biden by downplaying the severity of COVID.


It is also why the CDC has changed the quarantine time from ten days to five days. We have known since the start that COVID presents within five days of exposure. But the CDC kept the quarantine duration at ten days. Now, with cases going up and Biden’s approval going down, the CDC finally puts their guidelines in line with reality.

This has always been about politics, not science.