Undercover Video Shows Teachers Bragging About Getting Around CRT Ban

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Employees from several Idaho school districts were caught on undercover video discussing ways to get around the state’s ban on teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

In 2021, Idaho was one of the first states to pass legislation banning critical race theory and its companion “social-emotional learning” in the state’s public schools.

The undercover video released last week by Accuracy in the Media shows school officials describing how they continue teaching CRT and social-emotional learning simply by repackaging the same concepts under a different name. For example, instead of “social-emotional learning,” one official said they now call their “mental health curriculum.”

Cindy Dion, a district instructional coach for the Nampa School District is caught on film explaining that calling it a “mental health curriculum” lets them “worm around all those weird things that are out there.”

The chief academic officer for Caldwell School District, Melissa Langan, is seen explaining how the district intentionally renamed “social-emotional learning” to “behavior adaptation.” Langan said it was “kind of a bummer” that they had to change the name, adding “but at the same time, it was kind of brilliant.”

Watch the full Accuracy in the Media’s undercover video HERE.