UN Is Using “Pride” To Target Your Children Next

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is promoting ‘Pride Month’ by showcasing an LGBT parade that features drag queens adorned in rainbow flags marching alongside little children. 

Intending to address reducing inequalities and poverty and foster sustainable development worldwide through its Socialist Agenda 2030 sustainability goals, the UNDP shared a video on Twitter. 

The video depicts two transgender adults, one of whom waves an LGBT flag while holding hands and marching with a young girl.

Additionally, the video includes various individuals representing diversity, such as a woman wearing a hijab, a man in a rainbow dress, and a drag queen wearing stilettos. 

In a tweet, the UNDP emphasized its commitment to participation, inclusion, equality, and non-discrimination, stating, “This Pride Month and every day, let’s celebrate and respect equality, dignity, and Human Rights for everyone, everywhere.” 

Transgender activists celebrated Pride in New York this weekend by singing ‘We’re Coming for the Children before dancing in various stages of undress witnessed by minor children attending the event.

“The words don’t carry the meaning they’re ascribed,” stated Brian Griffin, who initially established the New York City drag queen parade, in an interview with NBC News. “They’re construed to bolster the worst possible assumptions about us.”

LGBTQ activists cited by NBC News claim that the chant “We’re coming for the children” has a longstanding history of use. 

The note critiqued the article: “The news articles offer no proof of the ‘we’re coming for your children chant being a longstanding tradition at pride events or quoting any specific individuals supporting this claim. This displays reckless journalism.”

New York’s Gay Liberation Front female chair Karla Jay told NBC News that the “We’re coming for the children” chant was a satirical response to the negative perceptions of the LGBTQ community.

The activists moved their demonstration to New York’s Washington Square Park on Saturday for a “Dyke March,” where participants began kissing and dancing in various forms of undress in full view of the children in attendance. 

According to organizers, the Sunday celebration expects over 75,000 activists and a possible crowd of onlookers from the community numbering over two million.