Ukraine’s Latest Tactic Just Pinned Russian Troops, Risking Putin’s Collapse

( )- Very few people dared to hope for this result. However, ten days after Ukrainian generals declared the beginning of their first significant counterattack against Russian forces, the path to success is becoming more obvious.

Using cunning tactics, Ukrainian commanders forced Russian soldiers into the country’s south before trapping them in a counterattack near the city of Kherson.

After HIMARS strikes destroyed the key bridges, some of Putin’s best forces are now essentially trapped in the city, being intimidated by Ukrainian fire and lacking an effective route to escape across the Dnipro River.

Ukraine had the opportunity to launch a second surprise counterattack yesterday to the east of Kharkiv, striking through the area’s frail defenses with a “fist” of tanks and troops.

These soldiers are moving quickly forward, endangering vital supply routes into Donbas. If Ukraine pulls that off, it’s ‘serious rout time,’ as an ex-British army officer and current King’s College professor Dr. Mike Martin stated yesterday on Twitter.

Putin is currently facing a humiliating loss once more. Even for him, it will be difficult to portray the invasion as a triumph if his soldiers are forced to retreat from Kherson and give up on their attack on Donbas.

Ukraine is praising its achievements in the meanwhile. One general who spoke out today claimed that soldiers had retaken 270 square kilometers of terrain on both fronts, which is a significant accomplishment even though success is still far from certain.

Ukraine has been open about its intentions to retake this city in the south.
Kherson, which spanned the Dnipro River and was the sole regional capital taken by Russian forces since February, gives Putin’s men the only access to the west bank and maintains his chances of launching an attack on the port of Odesa.
Ukraine’s offensive to retake Kryvyi Rih from Russia has seen it advance along three major fronts since late August. The Donetsk People’s Republic’s 109th regiment, which had scanty weapons, was forced to retreat by Ukrainian forces south from the city of Davydov Brid towards Beryslav, a crucial river crossing.

Since May, almost a dozen battalions have been moved from Kherson to the eastern Donbas.