UK Islamophobia “Tsar” Who Used His Position To Silence People He Didn’t Like Gets Fired

( )- An imam who was hired by the UK government as an independent advisor on Islamophobia was fired after using his position to get a film about the daughter of the prophet Muhammad canceled.

Imam Qari Asim, who heads the Makkah mosque in Leeds, was dismissed for trying to get movie theaters to not feature the film “Lady of Heaven,” which is seen by some Muslims as “blasphemous.”

Asim, who had been appointed in 2019 as one of the final acts of former Prime Minister Theresa May’s administration, defended his actions. He acknowledged that he had been working with “brothers and imams” throughout Great Britain to “liaise” with cinemas to drop the film.

Offering half-hearted support for “freedom of speech,” Asim added the usual “but,” claiming that this particular film would “fuel hatred, sectarianism, and extremism” which must be avoided.

However, the UK government disagreed, sending the imam a letter terminating his position while condemning his efforts to violate freedom of speech and artistic expression.

The letter blasted Asim for supporting a campaign that led to street protests fomenting anti-Shia hatred. It described his censorship campaign as “incompatible with the role of a government advisor.”

Movie theaters throughout the UK received pressure from Muslim groups who claimed the film was pro-Shia propaganda. One theater chain, facing protests outside of its theaters nationwide, finally caved under pressure and announced it would not screen the film “to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.”

The protesters were Sunni Muslims protesting Shia Muslims. You’d think this would fall under the category of “Islamophobia.” But rather than working to stop these “Islamophobic” attacks, Imam Qari Asim joined in the effort.

Some of the demonstrations at theaters included instances of sectarian chants against Shia Muslims. The chants included smears that Shia Muslims are “kafir,” or non-believers. In one video posted online, a theater manager announces that screenings of the film had been canceled while in the background, protesters are heard chanting “Allahu Akbar.”