UK Government Considering Prison Sentences For Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

( )- The war on Western civilization seems to reach its pinnacle every day, but the most recent revelation that it is being run by secularists who do not care so much about religious freedom or other Western givens is that the UK government is considering a proposal that would reportedly give two-year prison sentences for anyone praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Labour MP, Rupa Huq, has introduced an amendment to legislation that would give the prison sentence to anyone praying with women before they enter the abortion clinic to get their baby killed. Huq is an avid supporter of killing babies in the House of Commons and seeks to create a “buffer zone” outside abortion centers.

Back in 2017, these buffer zones were proposed by the Conservative Government and a review was conducted by then-Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, into the scale of pro-life vigils by Catholic nuns. The vigils were small and consisted of silent prayer, but the government allegedly determined that prayer was wrong and needed to be shut down. These vigils are a stark contrast to the kind of loud and aggressive nature of protests outside abortion centers that the liberal media likes to portray.

Huq has tried numerous times to push through legislation that would make it illegal to offer support to women outside of abortion centers, with this being her latest attempt to prison anyone offering that support within 150 cm, or over four feet, of the center.

“A person who is within a buffer zone and who interferes with any person’s decision to access, provide, or facilitate the provision of abortion services in that buffer zone is guilty of an offence,” the amendment reads.

Later, it clarifies the meaning of “interferes” to mean “seeks to influence” and “informs or attempts to inform about abortion services by any means.” Apparently, information about murdering babies is not okay because it might influence the decision not to murder the baby and the UK cannot have such influence.

As the outlet reports, Huq’s time might better be spent trying to increase rape convictions from the low of 1.5%.