U.S. Troop Removal Proposal Given To Congress 

(RoyalPatriot.com )- After reports surfaced last week that four American service members had been wounded in Syria (a week after President Biden had said that the United States had no troops in that country), Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is pushing his colleagues in the House for a vote on whether the United States should have any military involvement there. 

As a result of his proposal, President Biden would be obligated to pull all U.S. troops out of Syria no later than 15 days after the resolution is passed. 

According to Gaetz, the United States’ involvement in Syria has been turned away since the invasion of Ukraine. 

He said his bill would require lawmakers to publicly state their position on whether or not to continue Obama’s Syrian war. 

Rep. Gaetz (R-FL), who has a seat on the House Armed Services Committee, introduced the resolution after learning on February 17 that four American service members had been injured in a joint U.S.-Syrian helicopter raid that had resulted in the killing of a critical ISIS leader. 

Gaetz expressed concern that President Biden did not fully understand the Syrian war since Biden claimed that no American troops were there. 

(Other news outlets indicate that the United States has around 900 soldiers in Syria to aid the SDF in their war against ISIS.) 

Gaetz claims that, contrary to the Constitution’s requirements, Congress has never approved using U.S. military troops in Syria. 

The War Powers Act of 1973, based on Gaetz’s proposal, was passed to restrict the president’s power to launch or expand military operations overseas.  

According to the law, the House must vote on Gaetz’s resolution no later than 18 days after it has been presented. 

According to Gaetz, reports from insiders in the Syria theater as recently as today indicate that Russian and American forces approach near enough to one another to snap photographs and wave, raising concerns of an increase in tensions. 

Gaetz said the potential exists for direct kinetic confrontation between the United States and Russia in Syria due to an accident, mistake, or abuse of power. “And we should seriously consider whether the danger is justified by the goals we’re pursuing in Syria,” he said.