U.S. Senator Blows Whistle On Inflation Trend Caused By Democrats

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Republican Senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson recently called out the Democrats’ continued efforts to pass dangerous new policies while the country faces a worsening inflation crisis.

During an interview on Fox & Friends on Wednesnday, Johnson told Steve Doocy that the Democrats are using the nation’s inflation crisis as a way of compensating for deficit spending – something that he said could soon lead to an inflationary cycle.

Why don’t the Democrats understand that printing imaginary money doesn’t work? Haven’t they seen what happened to Zimbabwe?

Johnsons said that the inflation crisis is a “tax on the middle class.”

“This is how they inflate their way through deficit spending and people need to understand that…this is very dangerous, I’m concerned we’re in an inflationary cycle now,” he explained.

He explained that even though wages have technically gone up – largely because businesses were forced to pay more to entice people back to work while the Democrats offered expanded unemployment benefits for much of 2021 – wage gains are quickly being wiped out by worsening inflation.

Johnson said that this didn’t “just happen,” but that the Democrats specifically caused the problem. He recalled how, at the time that the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package was passed on a partisan vote in the Senate, one trillion dollars was already left unspent from the last $4 trillion COVID relief package.

“I warned back then this could lead to stagflation…so much of the spending was paying people not to work,” he said.

That’s why factories couldn’t hire people, that’s why goods are not reaching the shelves on time, and that’s why we have “too many dollars chasing those fewer goods.”

If the Democrats don’t stop spending money, just how much more will the average American be forced to pay for gas, food, and household goods? And how will they afford it?

Watch the full interview here.