U.S. Secretly Gave Billions To China

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A shocking report by Lawrence Sellin, PhD, reveals how U.S. government official, member of the scientific community and even the American media have continued to promote the fake narrative that COVID-19 “came from nature.”

Sellin argues that the COVID-19 virus was actually a “product of a wider program of gain of function virus research being conducted by Chinese Communist Party scientists within a dual-use, military-commercial program.”

If true, the report blows open the entire story and reveals how China potentially plunged the world into chaos to assist with its efforts of becoming the world’s economic and military superpower.

Sellin, who describes himself as a COVID-19 “subject matter expert,” is a retired Colonel U.S. Army Reserve and Afghanistan veteran. His large online social media presence is dominated by his commentary on the virus and its origins.

His latest report describes how billions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money went to China and aided with the development of the virus, which he said was done in a laboratory.

Sellin bases his argument on the “number of unusual features” of the virus which he says cannot be explained by the normal evolutionary process that dictates how viruses change and adapt.

“The only questions remaining are how and where COVID-19 was made and whether its release was accidental or deliberate,” he continued.

The academic said that in China there is no difference between civilian and military virus research and in recent months, he and other subject matter experts have conducted a “virus research network analysis” of an alleged biowarfare program coming out of China.

He explains more about that in the video below.

The allegations are very serious, and likely to be ignored by President Joe Biden – but if true, could mean that everything we think we know about this virus so far is wrong.