U.S. Scrambling After Donald Trump Uses Executive Privilege

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Extremist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ultra-partisan January 6 committee are stepping up their game, attempting to smear former President Donald Trump as an instigator in what they call a violent “insurrection.”

As part of the partisan committee’s so-called “investigation,” they are now seeking access to documents from the Trump White House that they believe – or at least, that they say they believe – will prove the president had some kind of connection to those who chose to protest on Capitol Hill that day.

Last Wednesday, the House panel sent demand letters to eight federal government agencies requiring huge quantities of communication records and files to determine “how the January 6 events fit in the continuum of efforts to subvert the rule of law.”

If it was an investigation, such a claim would not be made. There is no evidence that there has been a “continuum of efforts to subvert the rule of law.”

Is this an investigation or have they already come to a conclusion?

The committee includes a long list of Trump associates, including close aides and even family members, requesting personal communications in what can only be described as a fishing expedition.

They know they won’t find anything, but they hope that they can find something in the records of thousands of individual exchanges that may help their “investigation” or assist in the smearing of the former president.

Specifically, they ask for communications to former First lady Melania Trump, three of President Donald Trump’s children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, and even Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. The National Archives was also asked to hand over communications between top aides of the former president.

Tim Stretton, the director of the Congressional Oversight Initiative at the so-called “nonpartisan” Project on Government Oversight. He claimed that January 6 was an “attack on Congress: and that the committee “has a responsibility” to find out “what exactly happened” that day.

Everyone who has a television knows what happened.

The Democrats just want to pin it on Trump – a man who explicitly told protesters to be peaceful, and for violent protesters to home.