U.S. Says Blockade Of Taiwan By China Will Trigger An International Response

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In an interview last week, the commander of the US Seventh Fleet warned that China has the military capability to impose a blockade on Taiwan but said doing so would trigger a response from the international community.

Vice Admiral Karl Thomas told the Wall Street Journal last Tuesday that China’s navy is large enough to “bully and put ships around Taiwan.” But if they did, it would allow the “international community to weigh in,” working together to “solve that challenge.”

While Thomas couldn’t predict if China would impose a blockade or even launch a full-scale attack on Taiwan, he told the Journal that the US Navy is prepared for any possible scenario.

Thomas revealed that the military aircraft that flew Pelosi to Taiwan in early August was required to take a “circuitous route” to the island rather than fly over the South China Sea over concerns about how Beijing would respond.

Despite the territorial claims from other countries, Thomas explained, China has “completely militarized” the South China Sea and claims the majority of it as its territorial waters.

Responding to the rhetoric from Beijing, Thomas told the Journal that if China acts, “there will be some consequences.” However, Thomas said it is impossible to know if the rhetoric coming out of Beijing is real or if it’s just rhetoric. He said to prevent miscalculating, decisions were made to give the US military “more time and space to understand” what Beijing’s action might be.

After Pelosi visited Taiwan, China fired at least 11 ballistic missiles, some landing in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Admiral Thomas told the Journal that Beijing was attempting to push the boundaries seeing what it could get away with.

According to Greg Copley, the president of the International Strategic Studies Association, China’s escalating rhetoric and its ongoing military exercises in the region show that Beijing isn’t willing to initiate a “hot war” with Taiwan. Instead, it is preparing any forceful measures except war to coerce Taiwan, including a blockade.