U.S. Poll Shows More Voters Claim Not Enough Wealth Redistribution

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A shocking new poll just revealed that more Americans are supporting socialist ideas than ever before, with a plurality of likely U.S. voters saying that the federal government doesn’t do enough to redistribute wealth.

It flies in the face of the very founding and principles that made America what it is, and suggests that far-left politicians like Senator Bernie Sanders might have fairly substantial support across the country – at least on the economic issues.

According to a Hill-HarrisX poll, which was published this week, 46% of Americans believe that the U.S. federal government doesn’t distribute wealth enough. Some 31% of Americans said that the government distributes the “right amount,” and 23% said it’s “too much.”

It means that, for now, a majority of Americans don’t believe in the radical Democratic agenda, but Sanders and the Squad appear to be only five percentage points off achieving majority support for increasing the amount of wealth distribution in this country.

Though, the poll doesn’t make clear just how much more wealth distribution those 46% of Americans want to see. This plurality of voters is likely to include those who want to see a massive overhaul of the economic system as well as those who simply want to see a little more social welfare in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The poll showed that a majority of Democrat voters, some 62%, believe that the country doesn’t distribute enough wealth, as well as 45% of independents. However, Republicans are pretty split on the topic.

36% of Republican voters said that the country distributes too much. Some 35% of Republican voters said that the government redistributes the right amount, and then 29% said that the government doesn’t distribute enough, which might point to the populist conservatives who lean left on the economy but support the Republicans’ social agenda.

The question, however, wasn’t particularly clear.

“Does the United States do too much, not enough, or the right amount of redistributing wealth?” the pollsters asked Americans, seemingly failing to recognize that different people see the redistribution of wealth as different things.

The question was asked at a time when Americans are more conscious than ever of the big corporations, including Big Tech, failing to pay very much in taxes – but with the frightful idea of increasing corporate tax and pushing big companies out of America, along with American jobs, on the horizon under the Biden administration.