U.S. Officials Told To Leave Shanghai

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In response to the disturbing and brutal lockdowns imposed in Shanghai, China, the United States Department of State has ordered all government employees and their family members to leave the city and return home.

The U.S. travel advisory also tells U.S. citizens not to travel to the region.

“Do not travel to the PRC’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Jilin province, and Shanghai municipality due to COVID-19-related restrictions, including the risk of parents and children being separated,” the travel advisory says.

The “zero COVID” policy implemented in Shanghai has seen pets taken and disposed of, and citizens forced to stay in their homes often without access to food.

In a statement published on the U.S. Embassy and Consulates website for China, the State Department says that employees and their families should leave because of the “changing circumstances on the ground.”

26 million residents have been ordered to stay in their homes, and have been ordered to do so since the beginning of April.

The lockdown is beginning to ease up after weeks of citizens being forced to stay home. Residents who live in areas with no recorded COVID cases for the last two weeks will be able to leave their homes, but that is not yet true for everybody.

Read the full statement here.