U.S. Military Doubles Down On A Major Controversial Issue

The Sergeant Major of the United States Army engaged in a two-day Twitter debate defending the military’s LGBTQ ‘pride post’ against those who opposed the perceived “wokeism” being promoted in the military. 

On Friday and Saturday, Sgt. Maj. Michael Grinston posted a series of tweets. He accused those who disagreed with the pride celebration post of engaging in “discriminatory harassment.” Grinston holds the highest enlisted position in the US Army and is accountable for matters related to discipline and morale. 

Grinston wrote on Twitter that the comment section is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves about discriminatory harassment, which is unwelcome behavior based on race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity), national origin, or sexual orientation.

He also stated that Army personnel must show respect to all individuals in all forms of communication, whether online or in person.

The Sergeant Major faced criticism for engaging in Twitter arguments instead of prioritizing soldier retention in the Army, which has reportedly decreased due to the military promoting woke ideology.

A Twitter user replied to Grinston, stating that the comment section is not his area of operations and that expressing disagreement is not harassment. Numerous veterans, including the author, are unhappy with the ongoing decline of the armed forces. It is recommended to take notes during retention-crisis strategy meetings for future reference.

Grinston shared a screenshot of an Army Times article stating that the Army had achieved its retention goal four months ahead of schedule.  A different user criticized Grinston for prioritizing the issue of online bullying, saying that it is not a significant problem.

Grinston responded to the criticism by sharing a link to an article that stated US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin had authorized Basic Needs Allowance (BNA) for servicemembers in September. Some people agreed with Grinston’s position. People who identify as LGBTQ commended him for standing up against those who are derogatory towards them.

The 82nd Airborne America’s Division in the US Army sparked a two-day online Twitter battle with a post about switching gears to honor all those who partake in Pride Month after wrapping up the observance celebration of Juneteenth. Later this month, the Division MEO team will host the Pride Month Observance Event to promote Respect, Service, and Dignity.

Other United States military Twitter accounts also faced significant criticism for posts commemorating Pride Month. Last week, the US Air Force shared a picture on Twitter of a soldier saluting the LGBTQ+ progress flag. Some individuals have noted that this action contradicts the US flag code.