U.S. Military Considering Sending The Big Bombs To Ukraine

The U.S. government is nearing a decision on whether or not to send cluster bombs to the Ukrainian military so that they might be used against the invading Russian troops.

When they explode, cluster bombs disperse several smaller explosives in the immediate vicinity. Reports indicate that the government authorities are closer to permitting the delivery of the bombs at this stage of the fight than at any stage thus far. 

While Ukraine’s counteroffensive into Russia has stalled, the decision to begin providing the nation with more advanced weaponry has been taken.

Some Republican lawmakers have publicly stated their support for sending the weapons to Ukraine. Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul has said the bombs “may work” to destroy the fortified Russian positions causing Ukraine trouble. 

The Democrats in Congress have taken a contrasting stance on this issue. Politico has obtained a letter from more than a dozen Senate Democrats asking President Joe Biden to stop the export of cluster bombs to Ukraine. In the eyes of the Democrats, the strategic value of these weapons is outweighed by the potential humanitarian ramifications of using them.

Reuters has released the results of a new poll showing that 65 percent of Americans support sending weapons to Ukraine. This is a significant rise compared to the 46% who said they were in favor in a survey conducted back in May. According to the same survey, voters in the United States are more likely to back a politician who supports sending military aid to Ukraine.

It’s likely that Ukraine could quickly put the weapons into action if they were supplied. High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and 155mm Howitzers have been donated to the Ukrainian military by the United States. These two pieces of artillery can each fire a salvo of cluster munitions.