U.S. Governor Vetoes Election Voting Bills

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Republican legislature in Wisconsin passed new voter security laws recently, but the Democratic governor vetoed the bill.

This week, Governor Tony Evers voted a number of bills the state legislature passed that would have put restrictions on absentee ballots within Wisconsin.

In addition to that veto, he told two counties in the state that they shouldn’t comply with subpoenas that were issued trying to force them to turn over voting equipment and ballots. That’s all part of an investigation that’s being conducted by the state Assembly elections committee, which is led by Republicans.

Evers was asked recently whether the county clerks should comply with those subpoenas, and he responded:

“Hell no. You’ve seen what’s going on in Arizona. It’s a clown show.”

Unfortunately for Wisconsin Republicans, they don’t have the sufficient number of votes required to overturn Evers’ veto. The bills, which were passed back in June, received no support from any Democrat in the state legislature.

That means the security of elections within Wisconsin won’t be as tight as they could’ve been had the bills been signed into law.

Chris Kapenga, the president of the state Senate, said Evers’ vetoes make Wisconsin’s elections less “accurate, transparent and secure.”

Wisconsin has been a battleground state in presidential elections in recent years. In the 2020 presidential election, President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by less than 21,000 total votes.

Trump and some of his allies filed numerous federal and state lawsuits challenging the outcome of the election in Wisconsin, but none of them were successful.

Despite this, Republicans in Wisconsin have approved two investigations into the 2020 presidential election in the state.

The first is a review of the election that will be conducted by the Legislative Audit Bureau, which is a nonpartisan agency. The second is a review that will be conducted by a former justice of the Supreme Court. It was authorized by Robin Vos, the speaker of the state Assembly.

The subpoenas that were issued to election clerks in two Wisconsin counties were organized by Janel Brandtjen, a state representative who is the head of the elections committee in the state Assembly. Her investigation will be a “cyber-forensic” review of the election results, and she was seeking voting equipment and ballots to be turned over as part of the probe.

Even though these measures are all being put into action, Evers said he believed the subpoenas would be challenged in court and not hold up.

He recently commented on these challenges in Wisconsin and similar challenges in other states when he said:

“It’s a ridiculous effort to subject our democracy to a new low. We held a fair, free, secure election and Joe Biden is our president … People need to understand this election is over.”

At the same time, Brandtjen questioned if there weren’t any issues with the ballots or voting equipment, then why would the governor and Democrats fight the probes. She asked:

“What are they hiding?”