U.S. Government’s Russian Sanctions Gamble Didn’t Work

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Russia is still unleashing a barrage of missiles on Ukraine, and those missiles have been produced in Russia even after many sanctions have been placed on the country.

A report released earlier this week said that some cruise missiles that were used to attack Ukraine last month were manufactured months after the sanctions were imposed on Russia by western countries. Those sanctions were supposed to prevent Russia from being able to manufacture new advanced weapons and missile systems.

Researchers from the Conflict Armament Research say that the missiles that were used to hit Kyiv last month were likely manufactured in either October or November. Those strikes in the Ukrainian capital caused massive electricity outages in the region.

The team of investigators from CAR, all of whom were in Kyiv when the attacks were carried out, look at the remnants of two different missiles that hit Kyiv.

According to the report they produced:

“These missiles were Kh-101 air-to-surface guided weapons, a latest-generation model of Russian cruise missiles that entered into service in 2013. The remnants bore marks indicating that the weapons were produced between July and September 2022 and between October and November 2022.”

Their report included photos of those guided missiles they were referring, and also outlined how the last digits of the production codes that were on the weapon were 33208. They said that the numbers 32 in this instance indicate the weapon was manufactured sometime during the third quarter of this year.

The production code on the other missile was 34210, which indicates it was manufactured during the fourth quarter of this year.

This report suggests that Russia is still able to manufacture its own advanced weapons domestically, even though they no longer have access to the western technology or parts that the country previously needed to build these weapons.

This means that Russia was able to source the parts from either other supplies they have on hand or supplies they got from other countries. It could also mean that Russia has been able to manufacture these supplies domestically, and that they no longer need them to be sent from other countries.

It could also mean that Russia just simply had a huge stockpile of these components and is using up every last bit of what they had on hand.

Avril Haines, the U.S. director national intelligence, speculated recently that North Korea might be playing some role in aiding Russia to fill whatever gaps it has in manufacturing weapons. As Haines explained:

“We’ve indicated we’ve seen some movement, but it’s not been a lot at this stage.”

She also recently said that Russia was going through the ammunition is has “quite quickly,” and is being forced to turn to other countries to help them re-supply the parts they need to build weapons and missiles.

Haines explained:

“Our own sense is that they are not capable of indigenously producing what they are expending at this stage. So, that is going to be a challenge.”