Two Officers Injured After Suicide Bombing Attack

The interior minister of Turkey said an explosion outside the ministry in the capital city of Ankara was a terrorist act. According to Ali Yerlikaya, the attack occurred around 09:30 (06:30 GMT) and was carried out by two attackers who arrived in a car.

The blast on Ataturk Boulevard happened just before lawmakers were to return from their summer recess.

According to Mr. Yerlikaya, one assailant detonated an explosive device in front of a government building, and a second attacker was “neutralized.”

The PKK-affiliated gang has taken credit for the incident.

The administration confirms that one of the attackers had ties to the PKK. Turkey, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States all label the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) a terrorist group.

The Immortals Battalion claimed they attacked the ministry because of its proximity to the national legislature.

An assailant exited a vehicle and tossed a tiny explosive at the ministry building to draw guards’ attention away from the main threat. The second assailant fired at guards near the ministry gate and then exploded a bomb attached to himself, resulting in his death.

Meanwhile, the first individual to enter the compound was met with deadly force from the authorities.

Two police officers were hurt. One individual was shot in the chest, while another got injuries to both legs and an eye.

The 24-year-old who was driving the automobile in the countryside was allegedly slain
According to the official, surveillance footage from Kayseri to the Syrian border is being examined to trace the suspects’ origins.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the attack as the “last flutters of terrorism” in his statement opening parliament.

There have been five attacks in the Turkish capital in the past year, the most recent in March 2016.

Six people were killed in a bombing on a busy street in Istanbul in November last year, making this the most recent incident in Turkey.