Two Arrested After Child Found Encased In Concrete

After finding the remains of two small children found in a suitcase and a metal container south of Denver, Colorado, police have charged two individuals with two counts of murder and abuse of a corpse. 

Last week, 36-year-old Corena Rose Minjarez was taken into custody, while 35-year-old Jesus Dominguez was taken into custody on Saturday. In the summer of 2018, the 5-and 3-year-old children, Yesenia Dominguez and Jesus Dominguez Jr., were reported missing. 

Instead of the children, the police discovered two related and terrible crime scenes despite their hopes of finding them alive.

Following a tip of suspicious behavior, Pueblo police were sent to a storage facility on January 20. An individual at the site discovered a metal container buried in a storage unit with solidified concrete. The hunt for the container yielded the discovery of a child’s buried bones. The bones were positively identified as belonging to a young girl by the Pueblo police two days after that. 

The authorities apprehended Jesus Dominguez and Corena Minjarez after the gruesome finding. 

A dead end was reached when the parents suggested their kids may be in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

Subsequently, the police investigated further disturbing connections between the two and the victims. Following the execution of a search order on February 6, authorities discovered the corpse of a child concealed inside a suitcase and secured in the trunk of a car. After conducting DNA tests, Pueblo police announced on February 15 that the two sites’ discoveries were, in fact, the bodies of the Dominguez children who had gone missing.

There was no record of the victims’ children being missing, and the police had supposedly checked on the kids’ wellbeing, but they couldn’t find them. The two defendants await a court appearance on Wednesday on a $2 million bail.