Twitter Quietly Deleted Photos Of Antifa

( )- In a recently published article in The Post Millennial, Andy Ngo wrote that Twitter notified him he had broken one of its rules.

Ngo posted information about Antifa announcing plans to attack a conservative Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event at the University of Oregon.

Ngo reports that when he logged into his Twitter account, a message for him said that Twitter had determined his account had violated a Twitter Rule. But the rule in question was not specified.

According to The Epoch Times, members of the far-left anarcho-communist organization Antifa have frequently committed violent acts in recent years throughout the United States. The Pacific Northwest is where they are most active.

Ngo, a journalist who The Post Millennial currently employs, is renowned for using disguises to infiltrate Antifa and for repeatedly coming under attack from its members.

According to Ngo, the tweet in question was the warning that Antifa in Eugene, Oregon, had announced plans to attack a @TPUSA campus event today featuring black speakers @Stephend176 and @AWatsonOLY.  Ngo said Antifa instructed its members to don black uniforms and masks and to attack their targets.

He alerted @ellagirwin within the tweet. Ella Irwin is Twitter’s head of Trust and Safety.

Ngo included a screenshot of a live tweet, the URL linked by one of the Antifa accounts promoting the violent direct action, and an event flyer for TPUSA.

Within minutes of his account being locked, many recent news-related tweets he posted were also deleted.

Ngo’s daily routine is posting screenshots and links to primary evidence of violent extremist accounts on the far left utilizing Twitter to incite, organize, or praise violence. He has helped shed light on some extremist accounts that were subsequently suspended following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Antifa and Antifa-friendly Twitter accounts often call for harassment and platform manipulation via mass reporting of Ngo’s posts.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Ngo explained that Antifa’s ideology, comprised of anarchists and communists, is dedicated to destroying the United States. Therefore, when they say “burn the system down,” they mean it literally. This system comprises the rule of law, governance, and elected representatives. Antifa wishes to eliminate them.