TV Star Cancels Wedding at the Last Minute Over Prenup

It appears there is trouble in paradise for a couple whose female half featured on the hit reality TV show Real Housewives of New York, as the former female star of the show has seemingly rejected the idea of becoming a real housewife again. Kelly Bensimon, who is also a real estate agent following her role on the hit reality show, has decided to call off her wedding with finance worker Scott Litner just days before their scheduled ceremony for seemingly legal reasons. 

Kelly Bensimon recently called off her engagement and planned wedding to financier Scott Litner just four days before their scheduled wedding, due to Litner refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement. Bensimon called off her planned wedding this past Tuesday followed by a statement to People magazine featuring quotes from the real estate worker claiming she refused to marry Litner due to him not agreeing to sign a prenuptial agreement, followed by Bensimon stating she was “disappointed” by the outcome of the events. In her statement, Bensimon stated that her recent decision was nobody’s business, but understood that rumors and gossip would follow due to her popularity. Bensimon’s statement further claimed that the TV star was initially excited for a “new chapter” in her life following the marriage, but Litner’s decision to not sign the legal document made everything “clear” to Bensimon. 

Bensimon’s statement slammed Litner for thinking that she would marry him without legal protections, which Bensimon rejected due to the hard work and good decision-making she claims she has made as a single mother. The statement further noted that Litner’s refusal to sign the agreement stalled the couple’s engagement days before the wedding. 

Bensimon and Litner became engaged over the Fourth of July weekend last year when Litner proposed to Bensimon on a vacation in Wisconsin. Bensimon had been previously married to famous fashion photographer Giles Bensimon for nearly a decade until their divorce in 2006.