Tucker Carlson Targeted With

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On his show last Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested that Joe Biden should release the LSAT scores of his Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. He noted that Joe Biden described his nominee as “one of our nation’s top legal minds.”

Tucker said by releasing her scores, Biden could settle the question of whether or not she is a “once in a generation legal talent” and one of the nation’s “top legal minds.”

And according to the bitter, angry shrews from ABC’s “The View,” demanding to see Jackson’s LSATs is a “racist dog whistle” that proves Tucker Carlson is a racist.

Well, if anybody can hear a racist dog whistle, it’ll be the dogs on “The View.”

The anti-Semitic Whoopie Goldberg whined that Tucker didn’t ask to see Amy Coney Barrett’s LSATs. Nor did he demand to see Brett Kavanaugh’s.

Were either of them described as “one of the nation’s top legal minds?”

Then, directing her remarks to Tucker Carlson, Whoopie added, “this may be one of the reasons people actually think you are racist.”

Co-host Joy Behar then accused Tucker Carlson of paying someone to take the SATs for him.

Then co-host Sunny Hostin accused Tucker of using a “racist dog whistle” for his fans. She claimed black women always have their credentials and qualifications questioned.

Only when they’re described by the President as “one of the nation’s top legal minds.”

Not to be left out, co-host Sara Haines said Tucker asking for Biden to release Jackson’s LSATs is “more nefarious.” It’s inequality to ask Jackson for her LSAT scores (whatever that means). Haines added that the only reason Tucker would suggest it is that “she’s a person of color” and must be an affirmative action choice.

Or, he suggested it because Biden called her “one of the nation’s top legal minds.”

Haines’ comments prompted Sunny Hostin to bark, “dog whistle.”

Joy Behar then noted that Obama’s qualifications were questioned too, adding “It’s racism.”

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Do these dopes forget that Brett Kavanaugh was forced to bring in his high school yearbook?

Do they forget that Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications were questioned because she was a mother?

But this is precisely one of the reasons Joe Biden chose a black woman. No one would dare to question his choice for fear of being called a racist.