Tucker Carlson Sits Down With Justice Michael Gableman To Talk About Election Fraud Investigation

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On his live-stream broadcast on Fox Nation, host Tucker Carlson interviewed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Grableman who is the Special Counsel to the Wisconsin State Assembly investigating possible voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“Tucker Carlson Today” is only available to subscribers of Fox Nation. However, last week, Tucker released a brief clip of his interview with Grableman on Twitter:

In the interview from early March, Grableman discussed his report which found, among other things, a 100 percent voting rate in many Wisconsin nursing homes. Several of those nursing home residents who voted in 2020 had been previously declared incompetent. Grableman called the nursing home revelation “government-sponsored elder abuse” where senior citizens were “victimized” by people extracting votes from them.

Grableman also described what he called a “wave of massive election bribery” in which Mark Zuckerberg poured money into elections offices in exchange for his far-left radicals running the show.

He blasted Mark Zuckerberg’s election takeover and the subsequent “cover-up and obstruction” by local election officials who abandoned their job and delegated it to Zuckerberg’s “agents” and employees.

Grableman named one Zuckerberg operative, Michael Spitzer Rubenstein, a Brooklyn lawyer who ran the election in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In total, Zuckerberg funneled nearly nine million dollars into Wisconsin’s five largest cities.