Tucker Carlson Says Wokeism Is More Dangerous Than Islam

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In an interview on the Jeff Poor Show on FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, Alabama, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained why “wokeism” is harmful to the country and warned that it might be more than a passing fad.

Up to this point, Tucker explained, people haven’t rebelled against the woke culture, despite rioters burning cities and looting stores. And those who fight back against it are the ones who get arrested and jailed.

Tucker asks at what point do the American people finally stand up and demand it stop? If that didn’t happen during last summer’s months-long rioting, just what has to happen before Americans have had enough?

Echoing comments he has made on his show in the past, Tucker argues that “Wokeism” has become a religion – an irrational, utopian, crazy religion based on superstition. And in order to toss it aside, something needs to replace it because “everybody needs a religion.” Tucker believes that “Wokeism” filled a void for people who crave some kind of religious belief.

Calling “Wokeism” a more irrational religion than Christianity or Islam, Tucker explained that all religion requires faith. However, unlike Christianity, which has an internal coherence, the religion of “Wokeism” is “way dumber” and more ludicrous.

You can change your sex, but you can’t change your race. You can’t talk about COVID treatments that might save a person’s life. You can’t mention that the vaccine isn’t stopping people from contracting or spreading COVID. It is all irrational.

In fact, Tucker explains, “Wokeness” is more irrational than “anything in the New Testament” or “in the Quran.”

Calling “Wokeism” a “truly lunatic religion” and “witchcraft,” Tucker said he is surprised by how many people have gotten suckered in by it. At the same time, he said he shouldn’t be shocked because “nature abhors a vacuum,” and these people need to believe in something.

Listen to Tucker’s interview HERE.