Tucker Carlson Says Lockdowns Are Coming To America Next

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson recently covered the disturbing lockdowns taking place in Shanghai, China, and warned that similar lockdowns could be heading to the United States next.

I mean…it’s not without precedent, is it?

Carlson talked about the horrifying stories of Chinese citizens being forced to remain in their homes without access to food, all with the goal of eliminating the COVID-19 virus in the region. The army has even been deployed in the region to control riots that were widely expected to take place in protest against the barbaric lockdowns forced upon residents.

“Has there ever been a clearer picture of what hell is like?” Carlson asked, before calling Shanghai the “largest prison camp in human history.”

Carlson said that we’re now only just seeing how far some governments will go to oppress their citizens using COVID as an excuse.

“If you believe in democracy, this is repugnant. 25 million people just lost their most basic human rights…so the question is, has anyone in the Biden administration, which is constantly lecturing us about democracy and human rights, said anything about this?” he asked.

No. The answer is no. Biden has nothing to say about it, and what’s terrifying about that is that it leaves open the possibility that the United States government could take similarly drastic action to prevent the spread of a new variant of the COVID virus. It also means that the government could take similar action in the event of the arrival of an entirely new virus.

What do you think – is Carlson exaggerating? Or is he right on this?

Watch here.