Tucker Carlson Says It’s Time To End Electronic Voting Machines

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded a cessation of the use of computerized voting machines on Tuesday night after roughly one-fifth of the devices in Arizona had “glitches.”

At least 20% of the tabulation machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, had issues, prompting Republicans to file a lawsuit to demand longer voting hours. The request was denied by the judge.

Carlson said he was sorry for Bret and Martha, but it will be a very late and tense night for you both. He said it made the problem clear. The country is divided into many areas. Pennsylvania is one, and Nevada is another. You should anticipate close election results. People need to believe in the reliability of the results and their capacity to have faith in the election process.

Voters could not use electronic voting equipment to cast their ballots. And regardless of where it comes from, it erodes people’s faith in the system. Carlson continued that this genuinely poses a threat to democracy.

Republican candidates for governor berated Maricopa County for the mistakes, saying, “I hope it’s not malicious intent,” and then vowed to enhance Arizona’s election system if elected.

In the 2020 election, Arizona was a close call for former President Donald Trump, according to a report by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

We are not taking democracy seriously if we utilize electronic voting machines or do not require photo identification to vote. Carlson said, “We could hold safe elections, but we chose not to because a tiny minority dislikes them.”

He said there would be periods when everyone in the country fears instability because one side doesn’t believe the result is accurate. We have seen it from both sides as well.

He said if anything good comes out of this, he hopes it’s the demise of electronic voting machines.

According to Carlson, France does not use them because they cherish democracy. ”

“Demand ID, and then let’s just call it a day since everyone is confident in the election results and the weather is becoming colder. I really hope that happens,” Carlson concluded.