Tucker Carlson Says Afghanistan Screwup May Have Been Planned

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Fox News host Tucker Carlson made an interesting point about the horribly botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan recently…

He wondered whether it’s possible that the Biden administration has an interest in making the situation as bad as possible. And if that’s true, it reveals something far worse than Biden being incompetent – it would show that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice the lives of American military personnel and civilians for the sake of politics.

During a discussion with Glenn Greenwald, who said himself in the interview that there are factions within the political establishment who want to maintain an American presence in Afghanistan, Carlson said that the withdrawal was “comically bad.”

He said that he doesn’t want to enter the realm of conspiracy theory, but that it’s “at least worth wondering” whether they have an “interest in making it bad to justify future engagement.”

Greenwald said that whole it is still just speculation, the CIA has spent the last seven years “doing things exactly like what you just described,” including “concocting events” and “manufacturing conflicts” all of which were designed to make the American people angry and support whatever wars they intended to start.

Could it be that Biden and the Democrats made this as bad as possible to justify a continued presence in Afghanistan? Or to hurt President Donald Trump’s legacy after spending the last four years carefully planning every part of the withdrawal?

Greenwald admitted that he hasn’t seen any evidence that a scheme like this was carried out in Afghanistan and said that it’s entirely possible that this was just another screw-up by the Biden administration, but did say that it is “fully within the character of the deep state operatives” to do something like this on purpose. He said that they’ve been doing it “forever” and it’s time to stop trusting them.

You can watch the clip here.

What do you think – is this pure incompetence or is something worrying at play here?