Tucker Carlson Asks If Hunter Biden Will Be Stripped Of Gun Rights

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson hammered the Biden administration and congressional lawmakers for pursuing so-called “red flag laws” and warned that such laws could be exploited to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of political opponents.

Tucker noted that red flag laws would do nothing to end mass shootings, but they will end Americans’ right to due process. They open the door to citizens being punished before being found guilty of a crime.

Innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of the American justice system. But with red flag laws, the government no longer has to prove someone did anything criminal before stripping them of their rights.

Tucker cites a recent Supreme Court decision when a Rhode Island man’s guns were seized by police after his wife called in a complaint against him. The man didn’t break the law, he had no criminal record, and doctors judged him to be sane. But authorities confiscated his guns.

But in a rare nine to zero ruling, the Supreme Court found the man’s Fourth Amendment right to due process was violated.

Yet despite the Supreme Court ruling showing that red flag laws are unconstitutional, the White House and Congress are pushing them anyway, Tucker explained. Biden is ignoring the ruling by declaring an emergency and dismissing due process rights.

Tucker also blasted Republican Senators like John Cornyn, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and others who are joining with the Democrats to support this unconstitutional legislation. And he warned that Democrats have already shown that they are willing to target their political opponents using the full force of federal law enforcement, adding that there is no doubt that a red flag law would be exploited the same way.

Watch Tucker’s opening monologue HERE.