Trump’s Lawyer Doesn’t Know What Happened During Raid, Was Removed By Feds

( )- Trump’s lawyer claims that the FBI forcefully entered the former president’s home in Mar-a-Lago with backpacks and forced the team out, according to Mediaite. Alina Habba joined Charlie Kirk on his show to discuss the incident.

She detailed the sequence of events, including the cordial and cooperative communication between the former president and the National Archives and Records Administration, which alleged that Trump had 15 documents that needed to be turned over. After returning the documents, the agency and Trump continued to be in contact. There were additional documents that needed to be secured and sent to the agency.

The Presidential Records Act of 1978 gave Congress power to govern official documents of the president.

“There was that first with NARA, then the Department of Justice. And when the Department of Justice came, they actually told us, ‘Okay, everything looks fine, but can you add a lock to the space where the boxes are?’ And he said, ‘Sure, absolutely.’ And he spoke with them himself and with the attorneys — was absolutely coordinated,” she said.

Then, the FBI comes in “guns blazing. 30 of them.” They kick Trumps’ lawyers out of the room and tell them to shut the cameras off. “You know what made me nervous, honestly, Chris? They came in with backpacks. So we have, you know, cameras, they wanted us to shut the cameras off. We refused just so you know, that was not gonna happen. So we’re seeing them come in, they’ve got backpacks, they’ve got cameras. I don’t know what they did in there.”

Habba alleged that the lawyers did, in fact, shut the cameras off regardless of the initial protest. For nine and a half hours, the FBI searched the home and did an inventory. Habba alleges that the agents “made very clear that nobody could watch, and they tried to have us shut the cameras off.”

Speculation has risen over the FBI “planting evidence.” Former White House advisor Steve Bannon was speaking to Alex Jones on InfoWars when he said that it is not beyond possibility that the deep state would plant evidence against the former president.