Trump’s Head Of Maintenance Charged In Docs Case

A third person was charged in former President Donald Trump’s second indictment case brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith, according to Fox News. The indictments facing Trump include his alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels and his alleged mishandling of classified documents. 

Mar-a-Lago’s head of maintenance Carlos De Oliveira was recently charged by Smith, who was appointed to the case by the Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland. Walt Nauta was Trump’s personal aide and the second person to be charged in the case. 

Trump pleaded not guilty to all 37 counts, which reportedly include his willful retention of the documents, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and making false statements. A Trump spokesperson called the indictment a desperate attempt of the “Biden Crime Family…to harass Trump.” 

Republican Senator Tim Scott also recently described the Bidens as a crime family when he slammed the Department of Justice for allegedly suppressing information about their criminal dealings, according to Fox News

He claimed that the DOJ’s interest in protecting the family explains the “sweetheart” deal given to Hunter Biden on his federal tax misdemeanors and gun possession charge. But that deal has since fallen through after Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the constitutionality of her role as part of the agreement. 

Noreika was not sure that her power as a judge entitled her to be an arbiter if Hunter violated his plea deal. She made it clear that the power to prosecute lies in the executive branch, not the judiciary. Noreika then wanted clarification on the agreement and asked prosecutors if Hunter was being investigated for other matters. 

When answered affirmatively, clarifying that the agreement does not preclude Hunter from being charged with other crimes in the future, defense attorney Chris Clark said that there was no longer any deal. Hunter Biden has since pleaded “not guilty.”