Trump’s Former Aide Slams Him for Bizarre Claim in Fundraising Email

Former President Donald Trump faces backlash online for his rhetoric in a recent appeal fundraiser donation email sent to his supporters. In the email, Trump makes the claims that the Democratic party wants the former President beheaded following Trump’s guilty verdict in his recent hush money trial in Manhattan, which the former President is seeking to appeal. 

According to multiple sources, the email sent by Trump’s campaign starts with a headline that reads, “HAUL OUT THE GUILLOTINE”, followed by a statement coming from Trump that they, the Democrats, want him beheaded following Trump’s conviction. Following that, comes a phrase Trump has used in the past when addressing his supporters. That being that the Democratic party not only wants Trump gone but the American people as well. The email sparked great controversy among both friends and foes of Trump.

Multiple commentators bashed the presumptive Republican nominee due to the statements Trump made in the donation request email. Trump’s former White House communications director Alyssa Farrah Griffin took to X, formerly known as Twitter to express her feelings on Trump’s recent comments. Griffin stated in her post that the kind of rhetoric Trump used was “reckless” and “shameful”. Griffin concluded her post by asking when Republicans will “wake up” to see Trump as he truly is. 

Mike Sington, a former NBC executive also weighed in his opinion on Trump’s recent appeal fundraiser email. Sington took to X as well to state that just when he thought Trump couldn’t “sink” any lower, Trump sent an email calling for the beheading of his rivals. However, Trump’s email seems to imply it’s his oppressors who want to do the beheading. Historian and fascism expert Ruth Ben-Giat stated that through fascism, authoritarian leaders use “existential threats” to conjure the masses. 

Donald Trump seeks to appeal his guilty conviction after he was found guilty on 34 counts of business fraud, for allegedly paying Stormy Daniels $130,000.