Trump’s Family Agrees To A Special Sitdown In Case

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( )- Members of the Trump family will indeed sit for a deposition in a civil lawsuit in the near future.

Former President Donald Trump as well as his adult children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — will all sit for the depositions. The case has been filed by investors who are alleging that the Trumps ultimately conned them into making poor investments in various businesses that the Trump family was promoting at the time.

Trump himself will sit for his deposition on June 16, according to court filings made last Friday. Don Jr. will sit on May 10, while Eric will sit for his on May 12. The letter in the court filing said that a date for Ivanka’s deposition hasn’t been set as of yet.

Logistics as well as the location for all the depositions have also not been set yet.

The lawsuit was first filed back in 2018 by four different investors. It accuses the former president of violating federal laws regarding anti-racketeering, as well as misleading some salespeople who ended up losing money in a marketing company that was deemed fraudulent.

The problem, according to the lawsuit, is that Trump supported this marketing firm in various speeches and on his TV show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

In referring to the multi-level marketing company that Trump endorsed, the lawsuit states:

“From 2005 to at least 2015, defendants received millions of dollars in secret payments to promote and endorse ACN. In return, Donald J. Trump told prospective investors that ‘[y]ou have a great opportunity before you at ACN without any of the risks most entrepreneurs have to take,’ and that ACN’s  flagship videophone was doing ‘half-a-billion dollars’ worth of sales a year.

“Trump also told investors that he had ‘experienced the opportunity’ and ‘done a lot of research,’ and that his endorsement was ‘not for any money.’ Not a word of this was true.”

On the other side, the attorneys for the Trumps have consistently said these investors have no case at all. A main reason for this is that none of them gave any money directly to Trump. In addition, they say the Trump family isn’t responsible for the money that the people lost in their investments.

They further argue that the statements Trump made about CAN were only his opinion, and no “reasonable investor” should have relied upon the “puffery” comments he made in their final decision.

While the Trumps have agreed to sit for depositions in this civil case, there are still other, potentially bigger lawsuits that they are facing.

In New York, the Trumps are facing a civil investigation being led by the state Attorney General’s office into the business dealings of the Trump Organization. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is also investigating possible criminal actions of the Trump Organization, with the help of the AG’s office as well.

In all of these cases, Trump has maintained his innocence, saying that they are witch hunts against him that are driven by politics.