Trump’s Closest Advisor Is Telling Him To Cancel His D.C. Event

( )- On Monday, former Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro pleaded with his former employer not to give a speech at the America First Policy Institute in Washington, District of Columbia (AFPI).

Navarro issued a warning to the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, saying the AFPI is a “Trojan Horse” that is working toward the goal of hijacking Trumpism while aiming to “replace” Trump with someone who is “more appealing.”

Navarro presented this line of reasoning in an essay on the conservative website American Greatness under the heading “Trump’s ‘Think Tank’ Prepares to Betray Him.”

Navarro criticized the leadership of the think tanks for including individuals such as Rick Perry, who he described as a former Cabinet secretary who almost had Trump impeached; a former senior counselor to Dick “Endless War” Cheney; and John “Book Deal” Bolton’s former chief of staff.

In addition, he attacked “free trade ideologues on record opposing Trump’s tariffs,” one of these individuals being Larry Kudlow, a current anchor on Fox Business who formerly worked as an economic adviser in the Trump White House.

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Navarro was singled out by Navarro as being the biggest offender in his opinion, labeling him as “arguably, the most dangerous AFPI fifth-columnist.” Navarro made this statement about Jindal.

Navarro said that after the Boss left office, Jindal would insist that ‘Trump was undone by his predatory nature.’ He would also attack the Boss for his ‘conspiracy theories and extra-constitutional notions.'” He noted that Jindal is currently supporting an agenda that he refers to as “Trumpism without Trump.”

In conclusion, Navarro said that instead of legitimizing these scam artists, we should demand that they stop exploiting the Trump good name to generate money to orchestrate their ‘Trumpism without Trump’ coup.
In the end, Trump spoke to the AFPI on Tuesday, just hours after Marc Lotter, the top communications officer for the conservative group, informed CNN’s Jim Acosta that Trump did lose the 2020 election — a grave offense in the world of Trump.