Trump Wants To Send Troops In To Protect Violent Neighborhoods

( )- Former President Donald Trump has advocated for legislation empowering the executive branch to order the National Guard to be deployed in regions where “there is a complete and utter breakdown of law and order. When citizens’ most fundamental rights are violated, he believes the National Guard should protect those rights.

Trump said during his speech at the America First Policy Institute summit on Tuesday in Washington, DC, that the federal government can and should send the National Guard to restore order and secure the peace without having to wait for the approval of some governor who thinks it’s politically incorrect to call them in.

Before the disturbance on Capitol Hill on January 6, President Trump had already asked for the use of the National Guard.

Then-President Trump had promised, in the words of a former Pentagon official with the Trump administration, “thousands of members of the National Guard, together with the Capitol Police and Mayor Bowser of Washington, DC, assembled two days before January 6. And they rejected us.”

In a Fox News interview, Trump said that Nancy Pelosi rejected his proposal to station 10,000 National Guard troops at the Capitol on January 6.

Trump said he recalled saying that they “ought to have 10,000… I undoubtedly mentioned the 10,000 members of the National Guard.”

According to what he gathered, he said they took that amount and presented it to those in the Pelosi-controlled Capitol, who reportedly rejected it because “it didn’t look good.” He feels that was a severe error.

Additionally, Trump pushed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown to permit the National Guard to enter Portland during a summer of unrest in 2020.

Trump tweeted:

“We once more ask Portland Mayor @TedWheeler, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (@OregonGovBrown), and the National Guard to be activated, as they should have been three months ago. They also need to stop referring to these anarchists and agitators as “peaceful demonstrators.”

“Come back into the real world! The Federal Government is ready to end this problem immediately upon your request,” he said.